Y’all do not have to look far to work out I love flowers and florals- exhibit a, exhibit b, , exhibit c,exhibit d, exhibit e exhibit etc tbh
So when a friend messaged me asking if I’d been to Chelsea in Bloom yet I was both overjoyed and appalled to have err never heard of it? But when i saw it I knew I had to go! One of my favourite people headed down from Cambridge to kick it and we spent a gorgeous afternoon over indulging, laughing and snapping plenty of pics- disclaimer- it was a busy day so there are some lurkers in the background!
But I so wanted to share my outfit- and how beautiful this day was. Lets start with my outfit!

I know I know, how basic to wear florals? How derivitive and unimaginative! … Oh well.
Sometimes it’s not about being the boldest, the most imaginative- it’s about wearing what you like and what expresses you. I knew it would be a busy day so I wanted something easy like a dress to throw on- and this blue floral number screamed spring and was just so pretty- who could resist.

I saw this in Primark for £13 and literally had to have it. I was so frustrated when I clacked through the whole row of several dozen dresses and saw it wasn’t in my size- the closest was two sizes out and it isn’t ideal. Thankfully I’m a stubborn and determined person so I looked again- checking the tag on each actual dress as opposed to the sizes on the coat hangers.

And now, these were some of my favourite displays

Plus a few close ups!

Hope you loved this as much as I did, thanks for reading!


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