IMG_8913EDITHey squad,

It is SPRING like actual legit, sunshiney, drizzly, lambs are out SPRING. So I am in a rush to show you my velvet dress before it becomes totally unseasonal!

I wore this dress for a wedding on Christmas eve eve  and unfortunately was so busy taking pictures and having an awesome time the only picture of me is a mirror selfie- which just wouldn’t do, so I took to the streets to shoot this look before it was tooo late.


We actually ended up shooting in two locations because I couldn’t resist this cute Camden bridge- one with and one without the flower crown.

On the day of the wedding I ended up with ten minutes to get ready and leave- #timemanagement and the outfit was more spontaneous than planned. I grabbed the flower crown on a whim and it created A Look. By far the best compliment I got was the eponymous- ‘you’re looking very pre-Raphaelite’ from my amazing friend James, most other compliments were in vain of ‘fairy’ ‘nymph’ or ‘boho queen’ which tbh I’ll take.

IMG_8900EDITIMG_8859The crown itself was from an awesome indie stall at Portobello Road market. It only cost about £3 and though I could have probably found one at Primark for cheaper, it’s awesome to support small businesses when you can.

The dress was a bargain from Asos, I love the rich colour, the texture and the sleeves. Before I adored I sent a link to a friend to say ‘ is it boho Goddess or just witchy?’ and we concluded that as long as I stayed far away from pointy hats and brooms it was definitely serving Boho vibes.

The shoes are my faithful, wardrobe-staple, leg-lengthening nude courts from Dune.

The wedding itself was so lovely. I love church family weddings and the way everyone pulls together and gets involved. Instead of sending out for caterers etc everyone brought things, potluck style, the prayers, readings and singing was all from friends and it had a wonderful community vibe. If you head to my insta- @jodyintechnicolour I’ll share a few pics of the blushing bride and groom,  Elena and Michael. What’s wild is in the time it’s taken for me to shoot and write this I’ve also attended their baby shower and met their gorgeous little girl, Isabella!


Pretty soon it’ll be Baby Bella’s christening aka another opportunity to get turnt up and style it out. This Sunday for Easter we’re baptising three of our gorgeous church babies which I can’t wait for. I only joined my church in September and we’ve had a dozen Christenings and Baptisms already! I love having such a strong community feel and I adore the bundle of cute babies we have too.

Holy Week is a busy calendar for me but such an awesome time within the church. Whether you’re a Christian or not I hope you find time this week to hang with your family and community and of course- eat chocolate.

IMG_8904EDITP.S when did I learnt to do this whole grown up sultry face thing instead of just pulling faces?! Must be all the practice!

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  1. May 3, 2018 / 11:29 pm

    Your post is very cool.
    I love this color of dress.
    And dress look beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing .

    🌹Zivot je lep, zivot je cudo . 🌹

      May 4, 2018 / 7:58 am

      Thank you!

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