In addition to writing up my goals for 2020 I need to give myself credit for everything I achieved last year – I’ll be adding some of my favourite pictures from across the year. Brits in particular are not good at singing their own praises- but thankfully I’m pretty confident/arrogant! šŸ˜‰

So here’s ten of my achievements over 2019 in vague order of priority.

1. I moved to France
This one is huge for obvious reasons, it represents something I’ve wanted to do for ages and is hopefully the start of me seeing more of the world and being open to more experiences.

2. Leaving my job
For years I really embraced youth work and loved it to pieces. I was sure it was my calling. And I really believe it was at that period in my life- however I know also believe callings can change and grow with the people they’re for. I miss being a youth worker every day and the times I’ve gotten to see my ex young people have been both amazing and difficult. But I wouldn’t advise anyone to stay in a workplace where they don’t feel supported or encouraged- bit by bit it wears down on you and you internalise that. A key lesson for me was also affirming my skills when I realised- like really realised- I can get another job. There are other places. I’m talented. I don’t need to make myself stuck.

3.I’m still here!
As in, like, alive and functioning. Hey, I have bad mental health so I deserve to give myself due credit for making it through every damn year and the difficulties and health problems involved.


I mean 2019 was the ceremony but I actually finished my degree in 2018- another thing I didn’t think I could do! But it was the big fancy celebration to mark that I had Made It.

5.I’m in a relationship

I started 2019 in a fresh baby relationship still at the incredibly awkward ‘you Could be a murderer’ phase. So making it through into the honeymoon, then love phase, travelling, living together for a few months and then long distance and Christmas together I, I’m pretty proud. I’ve found someone wonderful and we’re making it work.

6.Learning French

Entering back into education as an adult is a big deal- especially language. I’ve always always wanted to learn another language- in fact I pretty much always only date multilingual people- on average, trilingual #funfact! I’m definitely always impressed by multilingual people and I’m pretty sure they’re all geniuses! However I didn’t grow up in a household speaking anything other than English, my schools language department sucked, and I only know two English people who fluently learnt other languages. To be pretty blunt- I was good at school. What I struggled with was coursework and my clarinet lessons- ie anything that took continued discipline off my own back. Adult education is pretty much reliant on self motivation and if I fail it’s only on me. I’m hoping French will go well and I’ll be intermediate-proficient within a few years! But publicly announcing I’m learning it and trying my best in the face of something I’m not comfortable with is big for me too.

7. Travelling more

File this under one of those vague rolling resolutions I always have- to travel more. In 2019 I visited four new places- Bordeaux, Bratislava, Latvia, and Bruges and re-visited Brighton, Venice, and Edinburgh. A huge win! Now I’m no longer working weekends I’m hoping 2020 brings even more travel opportunities. I’m aiming to write up some travel and photo guides too!

8. I came out online. Those who read the post may remember that through doing this I was embracing the likelihood I would never do my old job again. However, integrity has always been a huge part of my values and I was feeling choked by hiding bits of myself for people who do not value me.

9. I started a skincare routine. Honestly this definitely makes the list because I’m finally learning and taking care of my skin- which I’ve had problems with for years- instead of just reacting and letting acne really throw off my self esteem.

10. I was a pretty good friend. I ran out of things to put on this list as my self esteem and confidence hasn’t been great lately, so I turned to my best friend Nai to ask her what I achieved- and she said I’d helped her manage her mental health and feel normal through a really difficult time. This made my heart smile so much- all I want for my loved ones is to be able to manage the difficult part of life and enjoy the best bits!

So there’s a highlights reel- some of the moments picked may seem strange but right now it’s what I recognise as key things for me in changing past habits and making my best way for the future! Can’t wait to see what I achieve in 2020



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