Hey team- it’s that exciting party season again! Whether I’m going out or staying in- New Years is a prime opportunity for me to overdress- which we all know I love. So here’s three glam, sequin looks I bought from ASOS- which means with next day shipping you could get them all in time!

I often drift towards-and feel more confident in- warm tones- peachy oranges, hot pinks and bold yellows. I think it’s the winter theme that had me leaning towards cooler shades!

Look one

This dress is actually a maternity dress! Can you believe?
It’s surprisingly comfy- pretty to swish in- anddddddd I did some serious layering underneath to stay warm! I went for shoes and earrings in a darker shade of purple- but metallic heels would look fab here, or a contrast with hot pink, cobalt blue or mint green!
I’m wearing a simple purple ribbon tied in my hair which cost 50p from a haberdashery- but I’ve put some suggestions for some fabulous headbands below- I’m really loving the trend for bold, embellished headbands- I’ve got a few but can’t wait to collect more in the sales! Anyone else?

A dress this great though definitely has to be the main attraction-which is helpful as I’m not a huge accessories and jewellery person.
The best thing being lilac also works wonderfully for summer- you could wear this to a July wedding too.

I think wrap dresses are so popular because they’re universally flattering- and this is no exception- the maternity sizing doesn’t cause a pooch as I feared it would- instead it was just flipping comfy!

If you’re a fan of the dress- here it is

Look two

This outfit has no hint of casual in it- and I love it. Metallics cubed is perfect for NYE! One of my goals for next year is to invest more in jewellery and accessories- but for now, I’m iced enough!

I will warn you: this skirt is HEAVY. On a whim at the end of summer I purchased a cheap tiered dress and am now in love with it- henceforth I vowed to be on #TeamTiered and ditch my trusty skater style dresses and skirts more often. Whilst it’s not quite as dramatic to twirl in- it does encourage a little wiggle which was pretty funny during pics.

One of my growing priorities is to try not to acquire limited separates. By that I mean I want my wardrobe to be working hard, year round and minimise the amount of clothes/outfits I have that can only appear once a year- I’m planning on doing way more ‘styling my wadrobe’ style pieces in 2020!

To rework this cami is easy- with a suit, jeans and a jacket or tucked into a skirt- the colour is neutral adjacent so goes with almost everything- I think the only colours I wouldn’t wear silver with are brown and gold. The skirt is more challenging- but a fitted jumper in grey/white or a coordinating shade of blue (if I can find one!) would make it way more easy to wear- I think a turtleneck jumper in particular and some ankle boots would be gorgeous.

Look three


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