Surprise! I’m moving to Paris- this week!

So for those of you curious- here’s the mechanics and the hows & whys.

What are you gonna do in Paris?

Au pairing! I’ll be joining a family with three children and taking care of their youngest- so picking up from school, homework supervision, cooking, hanging out and planning activities. A little intimidating but nothing I can’t do!

Where will you be living?

I’ll be in a studio flat- I’m a 3 minute walk from a metro stop and near to the Latin Quarter- I can even cycle to the Eiffel tower!

Do you speak French?

Nope! Honestly the way my school was I could have done GCSE and A-Level French and still know as much as I do now! I’ll be attending a French course and being immersed in the language will be the best way to learn! Plus the family I’m working with want me to speak English- their two eldest children speak amazing English.

How long is it for?

An academic year! Then I’ll see what I want to do or where I want to go next!

Are you excited?

Yes and flipping terrified! I’ve had lots of friends be really helpful in preparing me that this will be a difficult change.

What happened to your job?

I left. My initial contract was two years but I decided to leave after a year- there’s a lot to it and it was a really tough choice. I’ll probably write more about what the work environment was like another time- but in short I loved working with the young people and if that was everything I’d stay there indefinitely, but workplace politics left me on edge and I didn’t want to end up in a job resenting it.

In fact my job was a key factor- I’ve been doing youth work for 5 years, since I was 18- a gap year programme, a three year degree and a year of post-grad working. My degree was placement style and whilst I’m grateful I got education and work experience simultaneously- i completely missed out on 90% of the university experience. Whilst I’m not too gutted about never going to a freshers week or staying in halls- I also never got to study abroad which is the one thing I really felt I missed out on. So after a tough day at work I decided to see what was out there that meant I could see the world but stay working with children and young people which is what I love!

What about your relationship?

We’re good. My partner is so excited for me and my biggest encourager when I’m scared and my partner has also lived in 5 different countries and speaks 4 different languages so they think it’s so valuable to move around and learn a language.

In fact all my close friends and family are excited for me.

Long distance is scary- but actually I’m 2 hours away. London and Paris are super easy to travel to so we’ll visit each other as well as exploring more of France and Europe!

Long distance has a terrible reputation and for lots of people it’s a dealbreaker. I don’t know how it will affect us. We’ll just have to find out!

Why have you kept quiet about it?

Good question- I knew from the end of April I was going to be moving on, I visited my family in person in June and I left my job in July- for a while it was secret because of my job not being finished but I’ve been quiet about it because it still doesn’t seem real!

So that’s the gist of what the plan is- if I missed out any answers to questions you have please let me know!

I’m planning on writing some expat diaries and some what-to-expect-when-au-pairing posts too! But expect my blog and gram to be documenting Paris and London!

Oh & wish me luck!



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  1. Erica
    August 25, 2019 / 4:56 pm

    Jody this is such an amazing opportunity and what an awesome adventure you’ll have! You don’t need luck, you’ve got this!

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