Gooooooooooooooooood morning team technicolour,
Today I’m sharing my visit to this iconic Elán Café just earlier today- this year I’ve promised myself I need to do more London things- balance out work with more eateries, galleries and theatre- so watch this space to see if I see that through.
Elán opened its doors in January 2018 and immediately became a huge hit- partly because it is so incredibly instagrammable and aesthetically pleasing- marble tables, millenial pink, coffee art and flower walls? This business knows their market- and targets it well. There’s now two more Elán Cafés already.
Noe, enough ready, see what all the fuss is about!

Even the outside is on theme and it has outdoor seating available year-round.
Come in and see the food!

The food is standard lovely café fare- a patisserie, sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, croissants and coffee. We placed our order and headed downstairs to where the real magic is- though even the stairs are beautiful.

As we lowered into instagram heaven I was touched by the attention to detail. Of considerable note was how lovely and amazing the staff were- we were some of the first customers of the day so they were still perfecting details but were entirely considerate and hospitable to us from the moment we came in. They made recommendations, made jokes, encouraged us to sit and relax and were amazing about photos. Whilst you assume such a photography haven would have staff aware of this, unfortunately a lot of places have staff members who roll their eyes or get impatient. But the Elán team were so sweet and considerate- I felt a bit apologetic but they didn’t bat an eye and were always smiley, see how some of the pictures of this amazing location came out-

Just as soon as we were finishing up some of our photography our drinks and cakes arrived and they were so beautiful. Slightly pricey but that’s to be anticipated- plus their menu is online so you can always plan ahead if you like to budget. Check out this coffee art.

This made such a decadent breakfast- I felt like Marie Antoinette. I had the Cherry and chocolate cake- with a rose macaron on top and as well as being beautiful it was rich and moist- didn’t clog up my mouth and the cake itself wasn’t too sweet, just the frosting. I’m not wild on icing so I did leave that. The macaron was gorgeous- I’ve found rose flavoured things sometimes just taste like soap but this was lovely and subtle. My butterfly cappuccino was (almost) too good to drink, but tasted like a standard cappuccino. Nailah had a ruby latte and a little cheesecake ball though the latte definitely was more for aesthetics than taste necessarily. As a patisserie and dessert place it’s stunning to pay a visit to.
My only query or complaint would be the music clicked on and off at various volumes which didn’t set the most consistent vibe- but they had some wild remixes, I heard Hilary Duff’s album for the first time in years- #nostalgiaalert.

In conclusion the verdict is
Go if you want
– A very grammable girly day
– Some delicious desserts
– To treat yourself
– To see what all the fuss is about

Who knows, maybe I’ll visit all three and make this a series!
Watch this space,
Love, Jody

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