Lets be honest, like clockwork every single year, autumn comes and everything is burgundy with a few pieces of mustard or burnt orange thrown in. It’s no hate- but it’s true. Red and green tartan will be everywhere before Christmas, people will put on pink or red for valentines, green for St Patty’s and burgundy every autumn.
I like burgundy. But I view it as more of a neutral than a colour- I could swap it out with tan or navy as an excellent backdrop but it’s rarely the main attraction for me. But as neutrals go, it is so amazing at being seasonally appropriate (as I so rarely am) and it is amazing at making other colours pop. When i saw this jumper I immediately saw the entire outfit in my head- and had to have it!

Sometimes the most obvious outfits are the ones to go for- I’d love to mix this sweater up with a floral skirt but the temptation to lean into the lines and simplicity of the two colours was too great.
The simple blocking made the outfit bold, autumnal, but not over the top.

I tend to shy away from red lipstick- preferring a purple or a pink, but this outfit made me take the leap into red and I love it. The continuation of the colour scheme and contrast brings attention to my eyes, which look extra cold compare to the warm colours and totally stand out.

This Oasis skirt has a ruffle detail as well which counteracts the horizontal lines by creating some vertical textured interest- it’s little details like this that add interest and stop this look from being wholly simplistic or boring.
Likewise my hair here is wavy- if it was straight it would create a harsh vertical line, it’s the details that soften up this outfit, and the warmth of the colours.

I absolutely love this look and it’s pretty perfect for the weather right now- the sweater isn’t bulky, balancing it with a skirt stops me from getting too warm in the afternoon and I feel like I’m autumn-ing; as opposed to just wearing my summer clothes and being cold- but please don’t get your hopes up that my posts from now will regularly feature practical dressing! FYI I’m writing this whilst in a crop-top so I may be a little bit of a lost cause.
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PS- I love this teal shopfront we shot in front of! So pretty!
Speak soon team!

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