Hey team,
Just sharing a quick little post about the most lovely coffee date I had. I’m always on the hunt for picturesque London coffee locations- even though I’d seen London’s Dominique Ansel bakery all over insta I’d never actually been before- now I’m determined to try everything on the menu! This will be definitely making an appearance on the feed but was the most lovely girly day.

The fact is, we could have gotten a drink from a vending machine or gone to a more local costa, but for my mental health I Love a reason to go somewhere nice or different, I think being in an attractive environment makes you sit up a little straighter, notice more and it feel like a treat- even though i’d still be sipping on coffee if I was at home.

They had the most beautiful desserts and there was something so dainty and cute about them! When everything in your environment is designed, and made with intent its really a cue for you to appreciate that craftship.
I’m pretty predictable: something to make an effort for makes me happy- I feel better when i’ve invested into myself and am appreciating my surroundings. I also feel happy when i’m not always in the same place- as a person who works a lot and is community focused I can find 90% of my time is occupied within the radius of a 15 minute walk- which isn’t consistently inspiring. To stay motivated and inspired- little acts like going somewhere nice with a friend, going somewhere physically different and some self care really go a long way.

Here’s your midweek reminder to make sure you’re not just swimming in the same small pond and are taking time out to do things you enjoy- however significant or small those things mean. Sometimes it’s just putting on a dress or a cup of coffee that are the exact right pick-me-ups! Don’t be shy when it comes to recognising your needs.


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