Hey team,
So as my blog has been (slowly) growing, I’ve received some contact for sponsorship, collaboration or gifting opportunities. The first time this happened I was so so excited and over the moon. But the fact is, a lot of these programmes, especially those that want you to be ‘brand ambassadors’ are total junk. Spammy companies that offer you a good discount- aka making you pay to promote their products, in return for re-posting your photo with no credit. So many of those companies you google and they immediately come up with a dozen video of people who have fallen prey and not received their items or been scammed.
This is no shade to anyone who does pair with these companies- some are legitimate, and if you like their products and would buy them anyway them I’m sure the discount is awesome.
This isn’t my day job where my boss can ask me to do pretty much anything and I’ll concede. My blog is 100% mine and so I decided I don’t want to create a brand that isn’t ‘me’. I don’t want to promote anything I don’t like or wouldn’t use and that may mean less opportunities but it does mean more integrity. Maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot early on, but I can say if I feature anything there’s no need for a ‘this is 100% my view’ clarification- because that’s in every post.
Anyway, I got an email from the amazing people at Ice-Watch, saying they were launching a new colourful collection and asking if I’d be interested in a product. I don’t have a watch and had joked in an instagram caption a few weeks before about needing one- plus I checked out their website and loved the ICE glam Colour collection and knew I’d be happy to feature it on my Instagram.

One thing I loved about this opportunity was the chance to showcase a bit more of my casual style. In a dream world I’d be dressed to the nines every darn day, but I’m a youth worker. So for work I’m generally in jeans and something practical enough to allow me to set up and pack down a cafe, kick ass at football, and potentially get a little messy.
I chose the violet watch because I do love purple-especially for autumn, but it was a hard toss up because of how cute the Raspberry pink and red watches were too! (Maybe I’ll just have to get more- you know your girl loves to match).

Here’s how it looks:

I was so happy to post about this watch because it is fab. Like I said, I haven’t had a watch in years and generally just use my phone. But wearing this watch made me realise how much nicer it is to be checking your wrist rather than your phone. It’s more social, particularly in front of young people I try to discourage from being on their phones, more subtle than checking your phone, and it means you won’t get sidetracked by notifications. I am so grateful for a brand and a watch I love coming together to make my life prettier and easier. Do you like seeing more casual Jody? Or is it still a little weird?
I rocked this outfit to grab Mexican with a friend and then headed straight to work.
But I can promise my blog will stay 100% me- and authentic me does include casual me in jeans!

Love, Jody

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