Hey team,
Powering through with trying to post a little more over October- not participating in blogtober fully but getting back in the swing of writing more.
Sharing a dress I posted on the gram a little while ago but finally dropping the deeeeeeets.

So when I saw this gorgeous lacey purple pinny dress on ASOS I knew I needed it. But I also knew where I wanted to shoot it. The Queen of Hoxton bar has the most gorgeous tropical bright colour and art outside- which I had walked near enough a dozen times but not seen before my In Colourful Company Colour Walk took me here! I’m slightly blending in with the walls I know- next time I shoot here I’ll try rocking some coral or turquoise, but sometimes it’s fun to blend in as a way to stand out!

This outfit is out of my comfort zone too, which I’m trying to encourage. I don’t tend to show a lot of my shoulders irl and between the cut of the dress and having my hair up, I felt very #exposed.
But how am I gonna get out of my comfort zone without pushing myself? (I won’t) so there goes nothing.
I’m playing with doing a hair tutorial for this style actually- it’s not a braid, more of a series of knots but I love doing it to my hair and it creates an awesome messy look.
I honestly love finding more art and colourful buildings around London- it always leaves me so happy and inspired and this was no different, I’m always looking for more!

Plus when looking up the details I found out this dress comes in PINK! sooooooo maybe you’ll see that here too soon!
Shop my style if you like my look:

Hope you love pretty lace dresses,

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