Hey team,
So straightaway after announcing I was gonna up my posts over blogtober- I had buttloads of work (we’re talking a 12 hour day in the office, peeps) and so I subsequently wrote… nothing.
BUT, I’m not gonna let myself off the hook that easy. Falling at the first hurdle isn’t neccessarily failure; just a setback. I get frustrated every January when people miss a day of their ‘eat healthy’ resolution and give up instead of trying again the next day and keeping trying for the rest of the year. So with that same energy in mind, I will be posting a lot more over October- I had a big blog hiatus over summer and whilst I can’t committ to posting everyday right now due to work committments, I can take the opportunity to post more of the things I’ve had sitting on my camera for ages!
Starting with this outfit and colour combination I love.

I titled this post ketchup and mustard because I am somewhat self aware. I love red and yellow together but if the yellow is super bright it always comes off a tad… McDonalds. I may love a cheeseburger but I seldom wanna be out looking like a box of fries. A bright red with a darker yellow however, whilst still burger-esque… I loove. I’m also totally vibing on hot pink and mustard right now. It’s as autumnal as I get, frankly. Don’t get me wrong, crispy leaves and lattes are great but I can’t deal with the cold and the rain makes me sad- Autumn is a one way street to winter and for me, that sucksssss.
However, this is my first A/W with my blog so I’m hoping y’all can keep me accountable to not just piling on a hoodie and staying inside all winter. But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now some days I can still get away with some skimpy summery clothes for a few hours a day.

This skirt was super cheap and is really breathable and lightweight, I love boohoo because it’s consistently affordable and reminds me I have very few excuses not to dress outside my style. I think this skirt would also look great with a turtle neck- I love the very 70s, turtleneck and A-line skirt combination.
Of all my [numerous] red shoes, I’m having to lean towards the closed toe block heel option- though I will shortly be expanding my red heel collection to include some boots!

I did go full matchy-matchy with my earrings too. Because, why not? These yellow hoops match my skirt perfectly and draw attention to my face. Whilst I love busy prints and colours and am happy to showcase my outfits- I do like people to look at my face!

These shots were more photos from my time with @thebrandingphotographer and she is so phenomenal at her photography, her business and he guidance. Being a baby blogger, blogging can be a tad isolating and most blogger meet ups clash with my day job, so it was so invaluable to meet this inspiring and helpful woman to grow from! Looking forward to seeing how her business and work develops.

If you like my look, shop my style!

Happy Friday team, look out for my other catchup posts and the rest of Blogtober. After writing all this and looking at my outfit… I’m gonna go get a burger!

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