Hey lovely people,
So today I’m gonna recap my weekend for you and share two (2) dresses I love – from the same brand.
I do a lott of shopping on ASOS and sometimes when I scroll through my wishlist I see a consistency of brands I’m discovering and loving as I go. Even though I can put my hands up and say a few months ago I never knew True Violet existed- I’m now in love with their products and praying for more events to rock their gorgeous prom style dresses at.

Of course, over the top bright dresses may be my specialty anyway. But there’s something 80s in the big bow that I love, plus the fabric is neither flimsy nor transparent- the scuba fabric is actually ridiculously practical and holds its structure really well. I actually put a few of these on my insta stories so my fab followers could help me decide which to get and they definitely delivered.

This last weekend was fabulous. My friend asked if I could go to a football match with her wife and son to keep an extra eye and let me tell you, reader, I have not watched football in 5 years. I avoided the entirety of the world cup. I am not a football fan. My dad and my grandparents aren’t football fans. We are not football people. But I do love my friend so despite my better judgement I said yes.
So Saturday rolls round and the weather is horrible- it’s cold, it’s raining and I get a text reminding me to wrap up warm- it feels like I’m 14 again being woken up in January to go to school!
But five years ago I didn’t like olives or wine and now I love them, so I started framing football as an acquired taste I could see if I enjoyed now.

let me tell you, if you ever wonder how to motivate yourself into trying something- try having the words cutest six year old depend on you trying it. 90 minutes of life was a pretty small committment from me but he was soooooooo excited. We had fabulous seats, there was a whole load of action, and the atmosphere of the whole club was pretty family-friendly. At half time the worlds cutest six year old turned to me and said ‘it doesn’t even matter if we win because we’re having FUN!’ and it was a gentle reminder to get over myself. Plus when I stopped focusing on the Institution of Not Liking Football I found myself enjoying it- being stand offish gets you no points, and opinions can change. Don’t get me wrong I’m not about to run and get a season ticket- but it was a good reminder not to put myself in a box and to keep trying things. Plus when Josiah asked his mum if I’d go with him to a football match again my heart was so full I couldn’t help but say yes!

After that I grabbed a coffee and just relaxed for the evening- not having family locally can be tough sometimes but I really feel like I do have friends who are basically family now and fulfill all the love and nagging a girl could want.

My second True Violet dress is so amazingly me and before I tell you about my Sunday I have to give a shout out to The Branding Photographer who does the most amazing #secretshoots and got these photos of the two of us chatting and having fun around London. If you’re a content creator I couldn’t recommend her higher and as a true pro in branding, photography and influencer trends her advice was invaluable- plus check out how good she is!

Sundays always always start with my day job- church! But it was an awesome day to hang out with my young people, talk about structural injustice and what we consider valuable. The more mature I grow, the more I’m aware of what is valuable and what is important and what isn’t and it’s a joy to discuss that with my young people. Particularly when a few of them consider wealth the litmus test of a good life.

After church I’d gotten an unexpected message from someone I hadn’t seen in a few weeks and thought I wasn’t going to see again. We caught up, grabbed lunch and debriefed on what happened and why we both hadn’t been in touch. For a lot of people those conversations are too uncomfortable to have so you need to really value when someone can be vulnerable and respectful in a way like that. Plus lets be honest, we are a very digital world but the most common occurring miscommunications I have are due to not speaking face-to-face. I truly believe that often one of the biggest problems between people is too much screen talk, not enough face-to face- if you’re long-distance with someone this is a luxury you can’t have but if you can talk to someone directly it changes the game completely.

After having a roast and a catch up- and a laugh- which again, you can’t properly do over text- we actually went back to my (now empty) church and he played the piano. As a musician he’s totally amazing and after clearing the air between us, some creativity and music was the perfect remedy- singing together, mucking around and sharing together. I walked away so encouraged and this weekend was an apt reminder not to leave everything in a burning heap in the past- sometimes you need to try things you didn’t like before, sometimes you need to revisit communication that got lost. Always moving forward is a nice idea but sometimes that includes picking up a few things you wrote off or left behind. It was a reminder of how much I’m always growing and changing too.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too, filled with family, friends and self-growth! Plus if you’re loving True Violet dresses as much as I am- here’s a few I have my eye on right now:

Talk soon,
Love, Jody

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