So my sweet tooth straight up knows no bounds.
Dessert after 11pm? Yum. Sugary breakfast cereal? Please. Chocolate on chocolate? Don’t judge me.
The snog bus is this iconic super cute pink double decker bus that lives in one of my favourite areas of London- Southbank. Because it’s always been there I have no immediacy so, much as I love dessert- these photos are actually my first visit. Shout out to my friend Paige for having fro-yo at 10am with me, giving me 0 judgement and moving the furniture to take a pic of me!

Paige is an awesome blogger friend of mine- Peach Paaige and we have no shame when we’re out. Coffee shop, shopfront, walking down the street dancing and taking photos the whole time. So grateful to have met her!

Now we just need a third squad member to have non-selfies together.
London is the f*ckboy of climates, changing it’s mind every minute. Some days I’m still rocking dresses, some days I’m wrapping up and I’m trying to get some more cute layers so I can look forward to cooler weather. I got this jacket last year- I call it my X-Men jacket (original x-men wore yellow supersuits) and I channel that superhero energy to feel fierce AF.

This yellow jacket also gets me a lot of head turns and I’m always finding an excuse to wear it. This pretty ASOS cami has yellow, turquoise and pink in the pattern- three of my favourite colours. So I let the turquoise speak for itself, matched my hot pink heels to my hot pink hoops and popped it allllllll with the jacket.

If you like my look, shop my style!

Just a short little post to recap on this outfit and a fun day with a friend but I hope you all enjoyed this outfit! I’ll be wearing a lot more of it in the future I’m sure!
Love, Jody

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