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Let’s be honest, we’re allllllllllll guilty of being in style ruts sometimes. It’s not always a bad thing- you learn what suits you and you wear whatever is flattering/comfortable/has good memories. For me I’m pretty often in floral tea dresses because they’re so stinking cute. Don’t misunderstand me at all- I will keep wearing stinking cute tea dresses as long as I breathe and dress. But a public style resolution I am making here and now before you reader is to kick myself out of my comfort zone more. So regularly you’ll find me doing trend alert posts and showing how I’m rocking what’s current fashion but making it my style. It’s good for those of us who can’t quite picture ourselves in current trends- but I also need the accountability to branch out too.
One trend in particular that seemed pretty anti-me? The wide leg trouser trend. I’m often found in dresses or skirts and when I’m not, I can just about hack boyfriend jeans. Wide leg trousers don’t give me any of my usual security from rocking my legs out. However, as always I’m continually inspired by amazing women and after seeing plenty of people of all shapes and sizes rock the trend, I reckoned I could too. So I’m gonna show you three ways I styled these statement wide leg trousers.
Number one: nautical style
For my first look I paired the bright red with a classic blue stripe- such an easy and obvious combination- which isn’t a bad thing! Sometimes we get so bent out of shape trying to be stylish we overlook the basics- for example: red and blue look wonderful together.

This look I really felt like was quite work appropriate- if you’re worried about the tiny flash of tummy, rock it with a banker shirt or a belt. I got this wrap top a year ago and it’s so classic I actually barely wear it- so I said to myself if I can’t incorporate it into at least 3 outfits it’s got to go. This is just one of the outfits with the wrap top I came up with. Never be afraid to shop your closet. I read in a magazine once, years ago, not to buy something if you can’t pair it with three other things in your wardrobe. This way you’re creating outfits plural instead of having to spend more money to make a piece work once- exceptions include your wedding dress, obviously.

I’m so guilty of wearing my hair down all the time, so another way I made this outfit slightly more formal was to pull my hair off of my face. I tend to hide behind my hair. To fully co-ordinate the outfit I went with blue shoes – I think any work style outfit needs to be cohesive as for most people, the workplace isn’t the space to be making bold fashion statements.

Likewise, I didn’t wear big bold earrings- I wanted this outfit to be sleeker, simply and not gaudy- but still bright. Overall I love this look and feel challenged to mix up my hairstyle more often. Would definitely wear this to work or out with friends.

Number two: full 70s style glam
Sometimes you just need to follow the most obvious path. Big, wide-legged trousers scream 70s to me so I thought I’d lean in instead of away.

This outfit was way out of my comfort zone- I can get super self conscious about my stomach which FYI is not flat- because it’s full of organs. But I loved this rainbow shirt and thought that this would be the perfect time to mix it up. I knew the line of the trousers would balance out the look and proportion my waist as thinner. In retrospect to wear this outfit again I would add a belt.

That being said, I went all out. Big chunky platform heels, bold hoop earrings and a bright lipstick. I unironically love this look! Once I got into the swing of having my belly out I felt so confident and the midriff baring was perfectly cancelled out by the loose, comfy pants.

Number three: a glam twist
This is probably my favourite look so far and I wore it to a BBQ the other week. It’s bold, it’s bright, it’s printed and it makes my legs look super long- without having to get them out.

I matched the earrings and trousers for a bit of cohesion but kept the earrings big and bold because this wasn’t ever supposed to be low-key. Matching my shoes and trousers was intentional to let my legs look longer and blend together- and gurllllllllll, it worked.

I love this look so much and got plenty of compliments wearing it amongst friends- by having the trousers and shoes co-ordinate a big emphasis was put on the top and the ruching was super flattering. That top is actually part of a co-ord set I wore


and worked perfectly in harmony with the trousers. I wouldn’t do anything different about this look.

The crop top and trousers combo worked really easily to balance out proportions- next time I wear these fabulous ASOS trousers I’ll go even more out of my comfort zone and wear them with a non crop-top- I promise! I thought styling three looks with such a statement piece would be tricky- but actually I can think of 3 more outfits I’d put together with these trousers. Just goes to show that sometimes you need to shop out of your comfort zone!
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