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So I’m just gonna call it: 5 days in Copenhagen may have been the perfect length. Often 2 or 3 day weekends away are awesome but very tightly planned- and as someone who needed a break as well as some travel, it was fun mixing up sightseeing with book reading and watching films with my sisters. However all thing come to an end- good or bad- so here was my last outfit.

This shirt was super lightweight and breathable and I love the retro style it has- I can’t wait to style it with a skater skirt. But with high waisted shorts and sneakers it was perfect for rushing around Copenhagen on what was probably our most active day. For our last day we rented bicycles, we rented kayaks, we went out for a meal and then we stopped by the main port and grabbed an ice-cream to say goodbye to Copenhagen.

For the record after I got a very wet butt canoeing- and having to return to England- I traded out my shorts for jeans! The last day was really great to put our high-energy activities in because otherwise leaving can just feel like a shadow hanging over your last few hours. But we checked our luggage at a storage facility so we didn’t have to worry about it and maximised our last few hours. That way we could easily sleep on the plane back and be alert enough to get ourselves home- I had to public transport it from the airport to my flat! We also got to leave on a high of endorphins, good food and used up plenty of energy so we weren’t twitching on the plane.

Whenever you’re booking somewhere do consider your last day- if you have to check out of your hotel or in our case Air BnB in the morning- think about what you’re gonna do with your stuff. For example we all knew we didn’t want to be lugging around suitcases and wanted to maximise fun so we found the most convenient place to store it. These things don’t take too much pre-planning but if you’re not prepared to leave your things in storage then consider your last few hours with a suitcase in tandem and plan accordingly.
As much as I liked rocking a skirt and a dress on this trip, always pack something more practical so you don’t have to say No. When we were pinteresting and pre-planning we had no idea we could kayak- but thankful I already knew I wanted to rent a bike (Copenhagen is full of cycle lanes!) so I had something practical packed. Whether you think you’ll need it or not- and I say this as a committed skirts wearer- always pack something you can do an active activity in because no one wants to be on holiday feeling like they’re missing out. This outfit did the trick without being horrifically unfashionable. Please appreciate me looking pretty and pose-y and dry cos if you scroll down you’ll see me and my post-kayak wet butt!

Ready for my last few Copenhagen pics?

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