Hey team,
Are you ready to see me living my dream? Wearing this super cute co-ord in Copenhagen we came across this amazing rainbow fence and the Instagram Gods blessed me. This is a super short post but if you ain’t got anything to say you (and I) should learn to shhh- so I’ll practice what I preach!

Would you all believe this is my first ever co-ord? I’ve loved them for ages but it’s quite a committment. I like to utilise my whole wardrobe across all seasons as much as possible- #studentlife so I wanted one that I could wear as a top and shorts also. Plenty of co-ords out there I think are cute but know I wouldn’t get much use out of- shopping this way is unsustainable and I can’t justify spending money on something I’ll wear a couple of times in one season. But this was super reasonable, and I could definitely see myself wearing the top and shorts again- even if the shorts just do double duty as pj shorts.

I just chucked on my red ballet flats so I could keep maximum pace walking- this day we headed to the zoology museum which was a tad out of the way, so I needed to be in full force. My eldest sister has just finished her degree in Zoology so it was her pick- how cool is it we got our degrees at the same time? I honestly can’t stress enough how much I advocate for statement jewellery when packing for trips- in this case earrings. These red hoops took up the tiniest space in my cosmetics bag but co-ordinating accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets or belts, really pull together your look instead of having a holiday wardrobe that consists of a pair of shorts and half a dozen t-shirts to trade out.

As well as the Instagram God blessing us by coming across this amazing fence- the hair God blessed me too. I didn’t want to waste any space by packing a hairdryer/straightener/curler so took a little gamble and thankfully my natural hair was on my side this week.

The top of this co-ord is designed to be off shoulder but full disclosure- I didn’t want to show that much flesh and I often find myself fiddling with off shoulder tops and constantly pulling them back into place. That day I couldn’t be bothered. Being uncomfortable in what you’re wearing always shows and always stops your outfit looking good because you can’t be confident. It’s not worth the hassle.

Ready for some slightly creepy zoology museum pics? I’ve got to admit, even though it was a tad skeevy it was super interesting to look around and explore my sisters world a little.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend- speak soon!

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