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For those of you unaware my reason (read: excuse) for heading on this sisters trip to Copenhagen was to celebrate my 22nd birthday! I went to Venice for my birthday the year before and hope to continue a tradition of going away for my 23rd birthday too! Already thinking of where I can head to next year… somewhere colourful of course! Any recommendations always welcome.
Despite going away I tend to prefer my birthdays low-key- a private trip, a meal with friends or my partner- I’ve never thrown a big party and I’ve never wanted one. Strangely enough my birthday is the one day I don’t want to be the centre of attention- go figure!

The rest of my outfits for Copenhagen were pretty colour palette specific- reds, chambrays and mustards to make everything as interchangeable as possible- but you know your girls gonna have a special birthday outfit- and it doesn’t need to follow the rules! Hands up my wedges did add a little bulk of weight to my carry on and occupied quite a chunk of space so if you’re tight on packing, be more mindful not to bring shoes you’ll only wear once per trip (oops) but if you have space to share, why not go hard on an outfit that makes you feel good? These wedges specifically have a wooden base so they are super sturdy- and an absolute steal as I got them via a thrift shop for £6- especially when I checked the brand and the same wedges sell for £199! People often make assumptions that you can’t be comfy in heels but honestly when you find a few pairs that work for you and you break them in- like these wedges- then heels can be hassle free.

We all know I go hard for florals and this one is a little more subdued than most of my choices- but my number one style rule is to wear something you like. This stuck out to me on Romwe as something that was sweet, feminine and minimal fuss. I knew that however impractical an outfit may look I had to be confident I could move and enjoy my holiday in it- and a little dress is minimal fuss and maximum airflow for a heatwave.

Another impractical holiday add-on was using this pretty bag instead of my trusty backpack. I bought this novelty flamingo bag via ebay and have struggled to find opportunities to wear it- so I knew I had to take this one. Plus, a birthday is the perfect excuse to make your sisters carry your stuff.

The day itself started with Danish pastries in Denmark and stopping for Good Coffee- any of you who know me well will have noticed I’m a coffee fiend and a good cup sets the mood just right for me. We then visited Copenhagen’s botanical gardens- you’ve seen me visiting Kew gardens here. My sisters and I are all pretty green thumbed and love to garden so the botanic gardens worked for all of us- we sat and had a picnic there. We then visited the compound these photos were taken in and one of Copenhagen’s windmills. Then we headed to find the iconic Little Mermaid statue and sipped mojito’s by the harbour whilst watching the sun set. Like I said, for someone who wants a minimal fuss birthday, it was perfect.

When celebrating anything for anyone the fact is it needs to be about them. I have some friends who love their birthdays so I go hard for them- my sisters respected I’m not so keen on mine and kept it low-key. Just like we often give gifts we’d enjoy getting rather than thinking of the actual recipient, we’re all guilty of thinking about life from our own paradigm. But this is an opportunity to give mad props to my sisters for recognising that I really needed this trip- but not because I wanted an OTT birthday. Even though all of our jobs and lifestyles are pretty different, the older we get the more my sisters and I get along and respect eachothers work ethics and different ways of doing life. Not liking my birthday means I’m often tempted to spend it alone but as much as my sisters can drive me up the wall- there is no one who will understand some things about me like they will. Bonus points that travelling with my sisters was so Easy. We know the food each other likes, we can share anything, and even when we argue we know we’ll always come back together. Sometimes travelling with friends or a sweetheart can be stressful in close proximity but that’s how my sisters and I were raised so we’re not afraid of it! One more cheeky outfit pic and then I’ll show you a few more things we got up to to celebrate.

More Copenhagen!

Hope you’re enjoying hearing all about this trip as much as I’m enjoying reflecting on it!

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