Hey wonderful people- I’m so sorry I haven’t sat and written out a blog post in a while but it’s been a really heavy couple of months- my laptop broke, I’ve been finishing my degree and my mental health can only take so much.
That being said I’ve sat down to make a content schedule and am so looking forward to creating more content [in a way that’s manageable and sustainable] here on Jody in Technicolour.
So to keep you updated- here are some more pictures from my awesome time in Copenhagen.

For day 2 in Copenhagen which was our first full day exploring, I threw on this Chambray embroidered shirt. It’a super breathable so was perfect for the 27 degree heat. On this day we spent ages at the commune- Christiania. Freetown Christiania is a commune of about 900 people but is also open to the public. It’s full of music and art but was definitely not what I expected. Inside the ex-military base is stalls selling souvenirs, and bars and restaurants. I was expecting something a little less Commercial though some things did meet that expectation- the thriving green light district yes, but also the nature and wildness of some areas. More interesting than a straightforward park my sisters and I spent a few hours here; looking around, sipping on a cider, reading our books and my eldest sister brought her hula-hoop to practice with.

I’m always thankful my sisters and I are readers. My dad and my grandmother are both avid readers and it’s easy to entertain one of us for a few hours on a cosy evening or a relaxing day. This is a recurring element of our trip- chances to chill out and read. As a person who is very guilty of rushing and being permanently busy- it was so nice to have a self-paced trip. Though I’m actually guilty of running out of luggage space and not bringing a book- so I just had to read whatever my sisters brought which was awesome as it resulted in me reading a few things I would have never picked up otherwise- whodunnits?

The commune had a whole load of beautiful art and graffiti but cameras weren’t allowed, I snapped a few cheeky pictures on my phone but it was nice to focus on being there instead. After a few hours chilling we grabbed lunch by the lake- basically all the hummus and falafel you can imagine- and then headed back to the real world. First stop on our agenda? Ice cream! then we saw this gorgeous house where my photos are taken and so spent some time snapping these gems- shout out to my sisters for being on photography duty!

The outfit I’m wearing is deceptively practical- the chambray shirt is made super pretty by the embroidery but perfectly lightweight. In the summer I like to keep things breathable but also don’t necessarily want to show a bunch of skin and get burnt. The skirt was comfy and I didn’t have to worry about wind or it flaring out when climbing stairs- but admittedly shorts could have been a better choice! These shoes are one of the comfiest things I own because they’re so lightweight I may as well be barefoot tbh. For the most part on holiday I try to be somewhat tonal so I don’t need too many accessories or details for each outfit so my photos are in these ballet flats but I could trade them out for these sneakers to get even cosier.
Shirt- Shein
Skirt- ASOS
Flats- New Look
If you like my look, shop my style

After our mini photography session we went to the ‘Church of Our saviour’ in Copenhagen and climbed right up to the spiral tower- fun fact: I’m super scared of heights so my legs were shaking the whole time!I had to go down before my sisters because it was a little too much for me but the view was amazing- scroll down for pics!
We then headed towards the beach and grabbed a picnic, we finished our first full day watching the sunset on the beach and it was beautiful.

Ready for an overload of Copenhagen pics?
Here’s us at the commune

A bigger picture of the house we shot at

The view from the church tower

And the gorgeous sunset at the beach!

Hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit more about this trip!
Do you ever go away for your birthday?
Love, Jody

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