Hey Team,
Sorry it’s been so long since a blog post- my laptop broke and I had to wait for it to get fixed- to make up for it though I will be dropping allllll the outfits from my Copenhagen trip over the coming days.
I headed over to Denmark to celebrate my 22nd birthday with my sisters!
This was my first day so this outfit took me to the airport and from London to Copenhagen so it had to be comfy, but not bulky.

Travelling outfits need to be minimal-wrinkling, comfortable and not set off metal detectors. So dungarees? Not ideal. Linen? Not ideal. A jumpsuit was a slightly risky move re: bathrooms but is so so comfy and I don’t have to worry about anything riding up- particularly if I’m stretching for overhead lockers or sitting down and standing up a lot.
I know I know, can you believe I put any practical thought into my outfits? I spend January frolicking in little dresses with no tights but when it came to heading to the airport, amazingly I had a little think.

Staying cool in summer doesn’t have to be about showing skin. Don’t get me wrong, I love a mini dress or some little shorts, which is why those are the styles I feature, but they’re not the only way to cope through summer. They’re not even always the best way as exposing lots of skin can increase your risk on sun damage. A lightweight jumpsuit like this kept a lot of me covered and was breathable.
I added a belt for more waist definition but other than that it was super comfy and summer ideal by not being too tight either.

I wore this out the night before with my dad to grab dinner- minus the belt. We had a helpful discussion and concluded it needed a belt. 10 minutes before the store shut we rushed into a primark and found this perfect mustard coloured one. Howeverrrrrrr it was way too big for me- there was none in my size and the belt would fall off before I could do it up. But my dad, being a dad took it home, cut off the excess length and clipped in a bunch of extra holes. I know it’s tiny but if it were just me I’d of gone without and I love the little things my dad does for me.

Can we talk about this print though? I love a floral and a gorgeous bold red and in the last few months have gone from not liking/wearing mustard to being totally obsessed. Particularly a red and mustard combination-so what if I look like a condiment tray? The blossom print and little bits of green stop it being too much of a blunt colourblock and make it super summery.
I could also pair this jumpsuit with mustard heels, a green belt and shoes or something more neutral if I wanted it to speak for itself. But simplicity is seldom my style.

It was one of my new years resolutions to wear more trainers and these are THE COMFIEST. Like, I keep telling people and looking for excuses to wear them- so comfy! I’ve seen quite a few stylists putting culottes and trainers together and basically just had to try it for myself. Guess what, I’m a fan. Sometimes style and fashion are about getting over the need to look the most polished or accentuate every feature but have fun and do something unexpected.

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Unfortunately as this was travel day I didn’t get up to bucketloads- but I promise you’ll see more of Copenhagen over the coming days. But here are a few more snaps from that first day- and these gorgeous mango coloured buildings! Plus peep my big sister doing My thing!

Hope you’ve enjoyed catching up, sorry it’s been so long, talk soon!
Love, Jody

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