Today I’m catching up with you cuties and sharing this rainbow dress! which on paper may be the perfect dress for me? Pluskeeping you all up to date with the highs and lows of my last week!

You’ll see a lot on the blog in the next few weeks of off the shoulder pieces- which I avoided right up until now. Off the shoulder pieces can be awkward to wear in terms of riding up and down, strapless bras blah blah blah- and my arms and shoulders are never my favourite thing to emphasise. But I saw this rainbow dress and decided I need to break my own rules- so here I am!

This dress is from ASOS and is super cheap and perfect for summer. Because it’s stretchy and lovely it’d be beach ideal too- but alas I’m too far from the beach to celebrate that. Maybe later in the summer. I’m also loving life having seen it on a bunch of my favourite bloggers and being able to style it myself! #Twinsies
I decided to go all out summer vibes and break out my wide brimmed straw hat- I loveeeee hats but they create a lot of shadows so I don’t often show them in photos.
The colours of the dress made it super fun to accessorise because looking into my somewhat rainbow-esque wardrobe I could have worn almost anything.I went for these bright blue block heels and yellow belt to engage with the the colours of the dress, but decided for peach earrings so it wasn’t too cut and paste and matchy matchy.

Next time I wear this I may try colour blocking my accessories but I think when we have opportunities to go all out and rainbow-esque we should take them!
The belt was definitely key as I’m not huge on ruched waists or how they look, just personally, and with the stripes at play I didn’t want to look like a frilly rectangle. Just personal preference. I think when we wear things that push the boat out somewhat the best way to deal with that is to engage style elements you prefer or are super comfortable with-hence bright colours, heels and an emphasised waist.

My highs of the last week:
For reference I have a few stressful- massive lows going on right now but need to focus on the positives.
1) My job- I got to tell the young people I’m working with that I’m staying for another two years and they were so happy and excited it literally brought me to tears. It was so affirming and encouraged and I love loving my job.
2) My friends- particularly church friends, working six days a week- including evenings means it can be awkward to meet people or even want to hang out when I’m tired. But I have an awesome group around me, encouraging me and had the privilege of having some hardcore DMC’s with my friend Jodie. It’s so great to feel supported and loved.
3) My sister! My big sister is graduating her degree and going straight into a summer job. I can’t take any credit but she’s worked so hard for her degree and it’s such a joy to see her killing it.

Anywho, hope you’re focusing on the positives in your week and feeling loved, rainbow bright and encouraged.
I’m looking forward to- Sunday brunch, hanging with uni friends and finishing uni work!


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