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Currently writing this from one of my besties spare rooms in borrowed PJs before I shoot off to uni… #glamlife But I super wanted to share this look I’m really loving right now. It’s a funny mix of smart/casual but totally works.

So cute right?
I got these shorts the end of last summer from Romwe and haven’t worn them loads because of weather- but then the weather improved and I realised I didn’t know how to wear them. I love short suits and formal shorts but didn’t think that style would work because of the paperbag style of the shorts, but this was not a conceptual pinterest-borne outfit. I just tried on a dozen things in my wardrobe and this outfit ended up being my fave!
I got this blue banker style shirt because I thought it would be versatile- and I was totally right. I wear it with jeans, half a dozen different skirts, and these shorts. I can be guilty of investing in more statement pieces than versatile but this little shirt I can pat myself on the back for.

I added my favourite OTT red tassel hoops to match the shorts and bring a bit of cohesion to the outfit- I didn’t want it to just look like two halves of an outfit, particularly with the mix of styles. There are so many fab bold earring styles available in stores right now and you can get them for incredibly cheap- but they’ll totally change up your look.
Last but not least outfit detail would be these wedges. I had left them at my dads and just… forgot about them. Which is bad I know but also a wonderful surprise to shop your own closet! They’re a purchase from last year but I’ve linked some similar below!

This shirt is a tad preppy so I like that the shorts bring it away from that a little- but it’s giving me allllll the high school memories. Where I went to school was super middle class so you had people obsessed with preppy brands and shirts worth ten times what mine is because they had little logos on them. I can’t believe it was once my goal to own that sort of quite boring stuff just for branding purposes. I would have still been me but in overpriced jumpers.
I did definitely go into a dozen phases in secondary school- I started sixth form college in all these mildly alternative indie lace dresses and boho blouses, which then changed to bright pink blazers and stripes and polka dots and dungarees as I started finding myself.
The worst phases though, ran in conjunction with school uniform. We had like a mandatory black skirt, black jumper, blazer, white shirt and tie. So to contrast this I was all out with the accessories. I dyed my hair red and wore massive Claire’s accessories plastic bead bracelets and bright hair bows with a sushi print backpack- so loosely, cringely kawaii.
To be more ‘mature’ [dying with how naive I was] I even wore fishnets with my uniform.
But no doubt the worst, and naturally, longest phase was my emo phase. I had black hair for years, a dozen different printed tights, badges on my blazer and my backpack that I thought would make me look rocker alternative, even though they were like a pound from the music shop in town. I had checkered sweatbands and fishnet gloves and a Drop Dead hoodie. I even replaced my school jumper with one that had skulls on. Why did no one stop me?

I’d like to say no one stopped me because adolescent expression is important blah blah blah- but it was probably because they knew how funny/embarassing it would be later. Plus I grew up with social media as a teen so there is so much undestroyed photographic evidence that haunts me.
I guess I look back at little Jody and feel kinda sad for her. I just had to go to mini extremes of self expression because I just didn’t think I could balance it out. If I liked emo music I just HAD to go all in. If I wore floral dresses and liked tough stuff how would anyone know or expect it? I was striving so ridiculously hard to be one dimensional in a way I would never do now. The entirety of my identity and interest can’t be captured in a single outfit that I wear and that’s a good thing- I’m a whole, multidimensional person. It wasn’t quite so much that Teen Jody wanted to be judged on her looks, she just knew she would be and wanted to control that narrative. Current Jody is much better and caring more about what herself thinks!
Time to change back into first person before this gets tooo confusing.

One of the challenges for me was probably how one dimensional I saw all the women in the media. They could me mums, or girl next doors, or sexy or gross. Yeah occassionally the nerdy girl took off her glasses and was beautiful yadda yadda yadda- but the fa t no one noticed before showed you really couldn’t cross those shallow lines. Plus I always looked so much more like the Before Picture- curly hair, braces, glasses that I Had to make a personality statement because I thought I could never be a pretty girl.

Maybe it was just me over simplifying and over complicating things all at once.
But to me when I was younger it was such a big thing- so glad now I have more perspective, more self confidence and more awareness of what it means to be a woman- and hopefully having no black in my wardrobe I can’t regress to my emo days!

Anyways, there’s a brief tour of my fashion faux pas and history- has anyone else ever made some terrible fashion mistakes!?

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