Hey family,
So today I’m super hyped to share with you this really colourful outfit, andddddddd I can finally share the details of some of my future plans! Being on lockdown for a while has been a real challenge for an oversharer like me, but yesterday things got made official so it can be public knowledge- but first, my outfit!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I’ve become pretty obsessed with this Doughnut store lately- green walls, green boxes, punny names and delicious guilt-free vegan fluffy doughnuts. I mean I must be their target demographic right? Well I’m always keeping an eye out for new places to shoot in an often very grey city- so we took the outfit party to get doughnuts and pics.

^them flyaways tho #messyhair
So the feature piece of this outfit is obviously the skirt. The ruffle wrap skirt is hugeeeeeee right now and I loved this midi version, really feminine, super bright and half a dozen colour combo potentials. The tie waist was huge so instead of a massive bow I did end up knotting it and wrapping it totally round me-the cut of the skirt has a lot going on and I wanted to keep as clean a waistline as possible.
The longer length and ruffles made me feel like a dancer, and the skirt was cotton which worked amazingly for the little heatwave we had. I was a tad unsure about the length initially- midi to me means just under the knees and anything that threatens to cut me off mid calf I worry will make me look short.
To balance off the longer length it is high waisted which actually means that- and the fact I’m wearing heels is making my body look long and lean here.

As I mentioned, this skirt has so many colours in its floral pattern that it’s easy to pull them out to design your outfit. It could also be a stand alone feature piece with a white or black shirt- but that’s obviously not how I roll! Some say it’s Very Valentines but I love love love pink and red together, though sometimes if it’s all block colours it can be a tad aggressive- but the print breaks up the skirt so I could totally justify rocking it with red.
The cami top I’m wearing is a super soft jersey and thankfully- unlike some of my other cami’s-not transparent so it’s warm weather appropriate! Both the skirt and top are from ASOS (it’s just so easy to shop there, #sorrynotsorry).
The shoes are a block heel style from New Look I bought for New Years and have in a few other styles and aren’t available anymore even though they still sell this style in other colours. In the challenge of looking short I did consider wearing nude heels for that extra leg lengthening- but then did realise:
1) I’m already a pretty tall gal
2) The red shoes are still a 5 inch heel- they can’t make me look that short
Anddddd yet again my colour impulse beats out my legit stylist credentials.
I had my denim jacket as always to throw on, it’s great if I get chilly/sunburnt and the crop style goes back to emphasising my waist.

Now now now now nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Next year
To talk about next year I’m gonna talk about what I’m doing now.
So I’m just finishing off my degree- it’s in Theology, Ministry and Mission with a specialism in working with young people. It’s all placement style so when you see me on @jodyintechnicolour rushing off to Cambridge and then back in London the next minute it’s because I’m there for full days of teaching all together, instead of spaced-out a lecture a day kinda thing. Following?
So this, as mentioned, goes with a placement. I’ve had a few over the course and where I’ve been since September is between a youth work charity and an Inclusive parish of three churches in Greenwich. Here I facilitate and run youth groups and cafés, children’s church, sing, preach, go on trips, drink copious amounts of coffee and, like a good presidential candidate, hold babies.
My placement runs with the academic year for young people so it finishes at the end of July.

So, when my degree and my placement finishes I’m chucked out into the big wide world…

But I have a job! For September right through until summer 2020 I have a job! It’s such an amazing weight to have lifted and I’m so grateful that that’s one thing I don’t have to be worrying about now so I can focus on finishing my degree. The job in question is actually…….. where I am right now. My boss has been so happy with how things have gone this year that they’ve actually made a job for me! So I’ll get to continue working with my young people, continue growing with my church family and have somewhere definite to live and stay again.
On the one hand I’m super grateful for the opportunity and feel so lucky that things have gone well and they’ve been able to do this for me… on the other, it’s because I work hard and have invested here, it now just makes sense I stay and we continue our work and whilst I don’t want to be ungrateful for the chance- I did work super hard to earn it!
So there we are, a pretty outfit and a job secured for the next two years!
If you like my look, shop my style!

Speak to you lovely people soon- shooting this week so can’t wait to share more!

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