Hey everyone,
Today I’m getting round to finally, properly, answering the big ‘why I started blogging’ question
So for all of you curious, here we go:

I have something to say
When I look at the bloggers I love and respect the most, it’s those who built the brand around themselves- who they are, what interests them and follow that. Throw a penny on the internet and you’ll hit half a dozen bloggers copying other people’s content, outfits, stances and striving for the ‘what seems to sell’. I think if you’re not being yourself you can’t get far. it’s exhausting watching other people all the time and what works for someone else wouldn’t necessarily work for me.
I have things to say, I have a voice and the internet is an amazing place to use that. I often feel on the cusp or inbetween a lot of things. I’m a Christian but at an Inclusive, progressive church. I live on a street where there are million pound houses and council estate blocks. I sit in meetings with men who don’t think I should be allowed to have the job I have and am mentored by men desperate to see more women succeed. I’m not the Messiah or the absolute truth speaker in anything, but I have a voice, experience, and things to say. On the internet everyone can share themselves in a way that for so many people- creates a community where otherwise there would be isolation.
For those of you saying ‘yeah but you run a fashion blog’ I’d encourage you to look closer, yes I talk about my outfits but I share about my life too- and I only hope to grow more in that.

I love style and clothing
Not only do I love style and clothing but I’ve been on a journey with it. From hating my body and hiding in black to feeling ashamed and pressured into ‘modesty culture’ to being where I am now. In almost all situations the action is not actually the liberating part- but the choice is. Choosing to be confident in my body, to express myself without fear, to not be victim-blamed into hiding away has been huge for me. I’m now growing from just wearing clothes I knew would ‘suit’ me or make me look skinny to exploring and trying and failing all kinds of looks, and feeling free to express that is incredibly liberating. Recording it and putting it on film and not taking it too seriously has been such an encouragement also.

A creative outlet
I love my job. But in my day job I’m always being creative within limits- not always limits I set. A blog is mine. Wholly mine and I can go anywhere I want with it- I can express my views, share my looks, my photography and have full ownership and licence. I get to only produce content I love and subscribe too. I’ve always loved to write and have a few chapters of a novel (tbc post my degree) and a whole collection of poems I’ve written and not yet been able or ready to share with the world. This is different.

I needed to get over myself
I have read and enjoyed blogs for years. So many times I’ve danced around starting one- I’ve had a domain bought before, I’ve tentatively even had a shoot before, I’ve thought showered content ideas. But I always gave up. I was too embarassed to parcel and advertise myself- what if someone I knew saw me? Well if they loved me, they’d hopefully support me (true fyi- I have some great friends who are my biggest cheerleaders here, s/o to Finn and Freya especially) and do I really want to be governed by what some girl I went to school with thinks about me? You will always have people ready to mock you, critique you and not be interested. That’s not who I’m writing for- I’m writing for me and anyone that wants to join this journey. It’s been a few years since the blog that never started and honestly, just getting over it and starting was the hardest part- now I’m more secure than ever.

Those are the four main and most compelling reasons I started my blog- if you have any questions or follow ups let me know, I love to stay real with you all.
Thanks for reading, talk soon!

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