Hey cuties,
The weather here is so so gorgeous and hot. Dressing for warm weather is a joy but when it’s hot- lets be honest we all just wanna stay minimally sticky. Today I’m sharing a dress that I love to just throw on, on a warm day and not have to worry.
I’ll also be sharing my mini summer to do list!

The big question here is- do I wear these pink flats so much because they go with everything- or do I think these go with everything because I love my pink flats?
If possible an even cooler way to wear this outfit would be ft. some sandals but today was a close-toes kinda day.
Okay so this dress is originally from Topshop, but I actually got it from TK Maxx (still in some stores). Often when we think of summer clothing we wanna strip totally down but actually long sleeves can work. The dress is jersey and the sleeves are loose so it’s totally breathable and this way my arms and shoulders are covered from the sun.

A darker colour that requires no layering under is ideal as well. So many times I see the cutest dresses and tops that are totally see through and require a tighter layer underneath So annoying and [conspiracy] a scam for us to buy yet more clothes.
Whilst I think this dress is cute, bright, cas and loosely boho, it’s also a tight nightie-ish. I tried this on one day with my hair in two braids and it was 100% too much. Regardless, I love it. The buttons and ruching are perfect for faking a chest if you’re on the itty-bitty committee with me #tbh.

I could have dressed this look up more with heels or jewellery but honestly, this is a dress I love but I wanted to show how you can dress super simple but still bright and feminine.

Now, to share my summer to do list!:
My dad is prolific in to-do lists. He always has at least one on the go and I know he is 100% guilty of putting things he’s already done on the list to cross them off. There’s nothing like a sense of achievement but honestly I’ve seen him write and then cross off ‘pick up Jody’ as soon as we got home!
This summer, my first blogging summer and the summer I finish my degree! I still have work so I can’t backpack for a month or intern for three months but I’m still determined to have a darn good time- y’all can call me out on if I’ve achieved these or not!

To do:
-Go to Scotland (so excited!)
-Have another mini break
-Visit a lavender field
-Try making my own ice cream
-Head to the beach
-Spend a whole load of time gardening
-Catch a theatre show I’ve never seen before
-Go to Rooftop Film Club
-Fruit picking
-Make the most of my trip to Copenhagen
-Roast Marshmallows
-Check out two of the museum exhibitions I’ve been meaning to get to
-Enjoy another BBQ
If any of you have any recommendations- or plans for yourselves, let me know in the comment section!
If you like my look, shop my style!

Thanks for reading!,

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