Any of you ever play that game ‘the sun shines on…’ ? Played it the other week with my youth group and one of my favourite things is being silly with them.
When the weather improves I improve too- happier, more relaxed. But with blogging, if you wanna shoot- it’s easiest on overcast/cloudy days. Less shadows. No over exposure. So for the first time in my life I found myself resenting the sun. This made me check myself- I’m blogging because it’s something I love, it shouldn’t be something that makes hard or gets in the way! So until i’m a total pro with a boss photographer living in a cloudy country, these pictures aren’t perfect- but they’re real and it was such a beautiful day.

Lemme brag on my own credentials here- I love skater dresses. When I was in sixth form [aka the only time at school you start wearing your own clothes] they became one of my signature looks. I remember standing outside history class with a girl being like ‘so Jody, how many of those dresses do you actually own?’. I’ve come through that a little bit now, as I talked here about my previous insecurities about wearing certain things, i’ve eased out of being solely dependent on skater dresses- but they remain a favourite!

I just don’t feel I wear enough green tbh. I keep sleeping on it. Green, purple and orange I do NOT wear enough of- you heard it here folks. This dress is such a vibrant warm emerald and I love it. The pink, red-ish and blue florals make it super easy to accessorise- I almost went for burgundy accents but decided on hot pink instead- this time.
One of the loveliest features of this dress is actually the back.

The back is slightly open with little ruffles and a tie top. It’s so feminine and unexpected and it makes me wish I wore my hair up for once. On the flip side, this is why I wanted so badly to wait for a warm day to wear it!
I’ve linked to the actual dress at the bottom of the page if you’re interested but it’s from Pretty little thing which I previously found a tad risqué for my style, but now am a big fan of some of their items. The headband is actually from a multipack from Amazon #glam and the shoes are old faithfuls from New Look.

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the future. I still don’t know everything about what will happen in the next few months- and can’t yet share what I do know! Which is super frustrating. But today I was in a vision meeting that was so challenging and encouraging. We’d initially planned to look at Opportunities, ideas, development, piloting and evaluation. Instead we shared lunch together and spent the whole time thinking about opportunities. Where could our work grow or fulfill a need? Instead of inserting ourselves into things how can we be speaking into relevant issues and communities?
Most of my day-job is community based and I work with a whole awesome team of people from diverse and interesting backgrounds. Sometimes we’re so caught up in ‘how things have run before’ or ‘well I can do this so that’s it’ that we miss being relevant or wrestling with real current challenge.

It started as a time of thinking about the future moves of that organisation but now I’m reflecting on it personally. I’m often so quick to jump into execution of an idea that sometimes I just need to be mindful of everything around and that could be an opportunity. I’m lucky enough to have choices and options. Like Dr Seuss said I can steer myself in any direction I choose. It’s truly stressful being on the cusp of finishing a degree because there is such pressure to go straight into a career or an experience that will lead to a career.But every one of those choices shuts a few more doors. We need to encourage young people and young adults to be mindful and passionate about moving into careers that will help their character and utilise or grow their skills.

If you like my look, shop my style!

So today I will not be stressed or anxious about the future. I will be mindful, I will be considerate. I will enjoy the sunshine and remember how it feels for the days that it’s not there. I will try to appreciate every last bit of the season and day I am in because it will never come around again. How awful to encourage a whole generation to have their degrees or their 20s characterised by stress of jobs and careers they’re not even in yet. Each generation is getting more anxious than the last and where possible I need to opt out.

Hope you enjoyed this look, speak soon!

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