I have decided that, English weather regardless, I WILL shop for warm weather, and darn it when the opportunity arises I’ll dress for it too.

Hence, this outfit captured on our mini heatwave! I couldn’t resist the urge to rhyme the trop in tropical- but try saying ‘trop crop top’ three times fast.

Keep reading for outfit deets and a confession about the future!


Oh my goodness y’all on this day my manicure and pedicure actually matched varnish colours #miracle.

I wanted a red a-line skirt for an age and ordered one online that came in the most washed out sad red… soooooo I ordered this one instead,  I was worried the scallop detailing would make it less wearable but actually it adds a lovely feminine feel. Plus, since when am I afraid to be extra? You’ll definitely be seeing more of this skirt- from ASOS.


The print of this crop top is bright, tropical and so sweet- hibiscus flowers, palm leaves and all in pink, peach and green? a winning formula right? Actually I almost returned it. I don’t wear many crop tops and much as I loved the print I was concerned about the somewhat boxy fit- the stupid, sexist, sell-out voice in my head that jumps in and says you’ll look fat- which, hey, even if I did, is not the measure of a human!

It’s also part of a co-ord and whilst I did decide rocking these with a similar print gym short would be too much, actually I  decided that-if only to prove the stupid sexist voice of my head wrong- I would keep the top. I balanced out the looser top with the slimmer skirt which left a little strip of tummy (if you look you can see my tummy mole!) and ended up loving it. I’m still in a hangover of needing everything to be skater fit and waist-defining, but I gotta push that comfort zone. The top is also from ASOS!



To finish off the note I have nude block heeled sandals- I almost went for red wedges to block out the peach of the top and red of the bottom but decided to go for mad legs emphasis instead- from Amazon.

I’m wearing charming little curtain-tassel peach statement earrings that I scored on sale- and these lightly winged and vintage-esque sunglasses. Both Primark!


Now, for the promised confession of the future.

Oh man, the future.

Looking towards summer also means looking towards my uni ending, my placement job ending and falling out of my bubble into a wider world.

And I am terrified.


With my youth group on Friday we were talking about how doubts and fear can stop us even trying- and hello! I’m guilty. There’s a few thing I’ve been so scared of being rejected from or too intimidated to try.

Clichés are clichés for a reason. If you never try you Will never know, and living with regrets or unanswered questions I know will bug me forever. People can misunderstand this as laziness but in reality it’s a performance anxiety that’s so perfectionist that I can’t always handle the grey- I always think in extremes.

This doesn’t however mean that everything is up in the air. I’ve got some amazing opportunities I can’t wait to share (they’re not allowed to be public knowledge yet, sorry squad!) but this is because I know some amazing people who I am marching forward with. Plus yanno, I do believe God’s got my back.

But there is still a lot of untangling and details to sort out- and even typing this it makes me squeamish. If you’re the praying type, put me in yours- but in reality- I just need to bite the bullet.

I’ve done so many things that scared me in the last year alone- and none of them were as bad as I thought they’d be. The biggest obstacle in my path is often me!


If you like this look, shop my style!

So this week I’ll be biting some bullets, having some big conversations- and probably doing it all in totes inappropriate colourful outfits.

Speak soon!




  1. April 28, 2018 / 8:20 pm

    Knock ’em dead

    • jody.grayston@icloud.com
      May 2, 2018 / 7:44 pm

      Thank you so much! ☺️ and amen sister 💪🏼

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