Well we don’t need much more proof that I’m  a fan of vintage style (not values) and this colour block dress spoke to me… it said…

‘I’m only £10, and I’m super cute and bright with long sleeves so  I’m vaguely seasonally appropriate… buy me’

So I said:



This dress was also available in a red/yellow combo but I decided to go for red accessories instead. Don’t get me wrong, I love McDonalds but I don’t need to be a walking billboard.

I think I just may need more Mary Janes- they are my go tos for anything 40s/50s or  60s. I loved just going bold colour clashing with my shoes and accessories- like these bright hoops and I can’t decide if it works because of the primary colour palette or if I could bring the heat by blocking my accessories all in a different colour?


Let me be succint, here’s a list of things that intimidate me about this outfit and mean I wouldn’t have worn it two years ago

  1. Bold hoop earrings- are they tacky?
  2. No fitted waist-do I look big?
  3. Bright clashing colours- will everyone stare because I look awful?
  4. Heels- I’ll be tall and people will stare

Whatever put-ons I managed with confidence, that’s the reality. I can”t even say I don’t have any of these hang-ups anymore, or that some of them aren’t true. People do sometimes look.


But I like clothes. I like heels. I like bright and colourful things, and the reality is I live in a huge city so those people staring- I’ll probably never see them again. Not every outfit I wear is continuously better than the last but I like them. They’re not offensive so it doesn’t matter how other people think of me, it’s just a matter of petty opinions and taste. It’s more important to me that I’m happy, that I’m trying and that I don’t spend forever looking back and feeling stuck in a box by caring too much about what others think.


If you like my look, shop my style!

So wear something fun, wear something awful, wear something comfortable or outside your comfort zone.

Some of you may know I study theology at university and I just finished an ethics module. Virtue ethics is all about making choices that build our character. Instead of asking what you should do, ask who you want to be, and think about how  you’re gonna get there. Do I wanna be bolder? Kinder? More confident? How do I make that happen? Maybe just by going out and doing. Self-care and self-growth is not selfish!

Anyway, there’s my ramblings done, hope you enjoyed this look!





  1. April 19, 2018 / 6:07 pm

    Great dress and accessories, and totally agree with what you said about dressing for your own happiness 🙂

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