If you haven’t seen part one of my Prague trip you can find it here.

But for those of you ready for round two, here we go:IMG_1353

Day two started out a lot cloudier which is actually generally fab for photos! We headed across the river to explore the other side of the city. Prague is a super interesting city but there’s no iconic one thing to do. There’s no Eiffel tower or La Sagrada familia.

That gave us an awesome layer of freedom and minimal pressure- my sister has been to Prague three times and not seen some of the things we saw- and she gave us some spare recommendations that I may well takeup if I visit again!IMG_9548edit

That being said, the John Lennon wall definitely made my shortlist- I mean it had to, look how bright it is! For any of you confused at home- John Lennon is not from Prague. John Lennon never even went to Prague.

Since the 80’s this once normal wall was full of Beatles’ lyrics and a portrait of Lennon- because he was famously anti-communism and this wall become a daring living artwork that Czech people would risk prison to paint.

Even today it’s still fluid. As you can see I had a go spraypainting myself, and there were cans there so regularly the wall looks different, it’s full of colour and lyrics and quotes encouraging peace and love- a message still relevant and needed for our governments now.


I wore another pair of dungarees- I actually scored these, super-cheap on ebay, I desperately wanted some a few months again but couldn’t hack the £40+ price tag on a lot of pairs. The next step of my dungaree collection is a cosy boyfriend pair fyi…


I’m wearing a totally plain red top from krisp clothing, a floral headband from New Look that I can’t get enough of, and my favourite origami earrings. I wanted something bright but not bulky, layer-able and resistant of wrinkles. As you can see below I chucked on my purple jumper when I got chilly and with my backpack on, I was one happy camper.

These brown wedges actually have a wooden wedge and are from Uterque. Despite the cobbles, if I’m walking a lot, or dancing, it’s all about a nice, solid chunky heel. These were weather appropriate (for once) and even after climbing nearly 300 steps I didn’t die, still may have been easier to wear trainers but we live and learn!


If you like my look, shop my style!

Now, more of Prague!


On our second day and trip over the river the first place we went was Czech actor Jiri Voskovek’s house. Honestly I’d never heard of him before! But looking around I learnt about his iconic clown roles, and his upbringing. One of the details I loved was the film hanging from the doorframe!

More pictures at the Lennon Wall and Prague’s mini love locks!




The Gingerbread ‘Museum’ that was really just a shop filled with beautifully iced (but tragically average tasting) Gingerbread:




St Nicholas Church, had the most amazing art and architecture- every corner was gorgeous, even with scaffolding up!


Prague Castle:


Neighbouring the castle is St Vitus’ Cathedral,  this fabulously gothic cathedral has amazing stained glass and after climbing up just under 300 steps in my heels (ahhhhhhhh) we got the above view of the castle:



Oh and our last meal in Prague was amazing, we headed onboard a boat, grabbed some Rosé and basked in the sunshine!

(iphone photography- I was too focused on eating to let it get cold)

There’s my highlights from my minibreak in Prague, I’m so looking forward to heading to Copenhagen in June!

Will be back with your regularly scheduled outfit posts nice and soon 😉



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  1. Anika
    April 16, 2018 / 6:58 pm

    Great post, full of awesome Prague tips! Wonderful photos and fashion, as always 🙂

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