Fact: I love dungarees, I have a few pairs . I blame Phil and Lil, and the rugrats for my obsession.IMG_9543EDIT

This pair I picked up from ASOS and will be rocking them this Easter weekend. It’s a busy one kicking off this evening with our Maundy Thursday meal. I work across the three churches in my parish which means extra services- between today and Sunday we’re looking at about 7. Most notably the sunrise service where I start work at 5:30 (ahhhhhhh).

But it’ an awesome season too and I always find joy in busyness, bright colours and chocolate. So I’m three for three.


As you can tell these are rainy day pics (hair frizz halo alert) but few things are ruining my smile currently. Whilst I have a buttload of uni work to do, I get to do that on long train and coach journeys as next week I’m heading to visit my big sister in Sheffield and thennnnnn for a cheeky weekend trip to Prague.

Haven’t even thought through what I’m gonna pack for those mini trips but I am excited for a rest. Ironically I like my rests and my holidays busy so when I sit down to plan I’ll be on it but I have a few thousand words to write to earn that privilege.

Anyway, back to my outfit:


I love stripes and whoever created that nasty little rumour that Horizontal stripes makes you look ‘wide’ needs to stay quiet. Because:

  1. I don’t care
  2. Even if it’s true no ones goal in life should be to always look skinny
  3. Stripes are cute

This particular stripy jumper I grabbed (on sale) a few months ago and It’s gotten so much wear. Said stripes  mix up so many colour that it’s just so easy to pair with something bright or a neutral denim like here.

The last element of my outfit on this rainy day were my converse. I get a lottttttt of blisters from shoes- trainers included- but had no problem breaking these babies in. I rock a lot of heels but a girls gotta mix it up, especially when she’s got places to be. These are my baby pink converse and I also have a royal blue pair though I’m always on the look to grow that collection.

One last snap of me having fun, because if you can’t enjoy blogging- don’t do it! Oh and a shoutout to my friend Megan for being my photographer this time round!

IMG_9590EDITI will speak to you the other side of this busy weekend!

If you like my look, shop my style!

Happy Easter




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