Spring feels like a word I should whisper in London, incase Mother Nature hears and decides to be mischievous… But today there is no snow or ice and my legs can be out without becoming legsicles. Victory? For England, yes.

The real calendar marker in my life of spring isn’t when the clocks change or I see a daffodil, it’s when our night shelter ends. Where I live, across 7 churches we run a Winter night shelter for 12 weeks a year, one day I’d like us to have no need to exist, but right now it’s doing what we can to help a real problem in London, and today was my penultimate shift- and last overnight shift. It’s bittersweet as to truly give, it should be some sort of sacrifice, but equally my work and uni doesn’t stop during this period and it’s been pretty hardcore. Thankfully, most guests are being sorted with more permanent accommodation which mean it’s a joy to see the shelter get emptier week by week.

As this season ends and I jump into spring I wanted to mix the deep with the light hearted, the realness and grit of life with something cute and fun. Why? because that’s reality and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself and having a fun outlet and it doesn’t detract from being conscious of the word.

Likewise I know some people expect or think I must be pretty shallow because hey, I like pretty colours and pretty dresses, but we need to stop putting women in ‘smart and plain’ or ‘feminine and dumb’ boxes.

So lets get lighthearted, and I’ll share this look with youIMG_9310EIT

One of the best things about spring and summer for me is definitely the clothes- now don’t get me wrong I dress impractically and brightly coloured all year round, but when the weather is warmer it’s far easier to shop like this. Things appear in colours other than black and navy and prints beyond plaid and fairisle pop up too.

IMG_9324EDITIMG_9345EDITThis dress is from Louche, at ASOS and I adore it. For some reason I have just not been able to get enough of orange lately and I can’t believe it’s one of the colours I avoided for so long- not long ago I snatched up an awesome vintage orange dress and I can’t wait to share that sometime soon.

Oh and before I forget for even a second? This. Dress. Has. Pockets. Any dress with pockets i immediately 10x better because practicalities like that are often taken out in women’s fashion for aesthetic purposes. But look, it’s not extra bulky or obvious or anything- it’s just amazing. Living in a big city I do like to keep my phone and cards nice and close as trousers and coat pockets are easily picked- see I’m not completely impractical with clothes!


Printed dresses like this may make a statement but to me they also say ‘versatility’ the pattern incorporates yellow, green, blue and purple aka four amazing accessorizing and co-ordinating opportunities right there. But on this day I kept it simple- these blue heels and a denim jacket.

I’m not sure how people get by without denim jackets- they’re my perfect throw on when the weather starts warming up and they  are a wardrobe staple in my book.


I wear heels quite a lot (it was my new years resolution to buy more trainers) and I get that they can seem pretty intimidating, but the blue block heels I’m wearing here? So comfortable- the chunky heel makes them stable and I’ve worn them enough that my feet and the soles are best buddies. Any shoe can be uncomfortable is it’s not broken in. I got them from New Look and have the exact same style in a few different pairs, what can I say; I’m a loyal customer.IMG_9366EDIT

If you like my look, shop my style!

Even as deadlines approach and my work gets super busy for Easter this time of year is so much about new life, recharging and reflecting.  Being able to support those who are homeless makes me extra aware and grateful for all my blessings.

Tonight, after I finish work my small group is sharing dinner together and there’s nothing like good friends and good hospitality to make you thankful for everything you have. Enjoy the rest of your day, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!




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