Hey all, this week has been super busy- we’re talking an 18 hour day  which required me to be in four different places, sooooooo it was lots of rushing- but I’m super excited I got to shoot and share this look I love with you all!IMG_9414EDIT.jpg

There is so much of vintage fashion that I love- jazzy 80s jumpers, 60’s mod minis and 90s sundresses to name a few but buying vintage can be such a gamble. The quality can vary, there can be stains and sizes have changed a lot over the years. Unless you’re able to physically check it out and try it on in store, I tend to pass.

But vintage reproduction and inspired clothing is for me the best of both worlds. A range of styles, patterns and sizes, updated for the now. So many brands are killing it in this department but one of my favourites is right here- Lindy Bop.

IMG_9456editIMG_9408editI’ve had a few Lindy Bop dresses over the years and they have so many cute prints- florals, checks, polka dots, novelty- it’s a long list. It’s an online brand and I’ve been angling for this dress since I first saw it. The classic 50’s inspired swing shape is so romantic and feminine and such an easy length to wear for work. I spend a lot of my time running around after children and teenagers and doing that in jeans and a jumper gets a tad jarring but doing it in a mini skirt is a logistical nightmare!

IMG_9376EDITIMG_9374EDITWhat sold me on this for definite is the print. I love teal and turquoise and have always felt super-confident in these colours, add a bunch of bright flowers and it’s a formula for me to buy it. There’s even little purple pansies on it- my favourite garden flower to grow as a child. I’ve written about these shoes before, here and pairing them with my vest top was a no-brainer to complete the vintage inspired look.

My best style is when I feel comfortable and confident- I could wear the most expensive dress on the runway but if it’s not ‘me’ I’ll fidget and fuss endlessly. The comfort of knowing you’ve found a piece you love- and a brand that continually makes such pieces helps me to grow my wardrobe and feel my best.


If you like my look, shop my style!

Unfortunately, just when I got to believing in Spring the weather has assured me that this weekend London will brace another cold snap and some snow- but with an interview, brunch and work I won’t let it ruin my plans, they just may be a tad more layered than initially dreamt. So catch me keeping warm on Instagram and I’ll be back with a new blog when I can take my coat off again!





  1. March 16, 2018 / 10:09 am

    Your photos are always fab! I have this dress in a few prints too and I love it – this one is so lovely and bright! x

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