Happy Saturyay! For those who don’t know… Saturday’s are my only days off! Which means sometimes they’re all about staying in bed and eating mac n cheese, but for the most part they’re my time to ditch work clothes and frolic around my favourite city.  Particularly when the day involves a drink with my bestie and garlic bread. What can I say? I’m a simple woman. This time in my colour hunting I may have found my dream home in the process!

IMG_8802EDITI love this dress because it brings together so many colours in it’s gorgeous marble-esque pattern, it reminds me of the fireplace in my childhood home. My sibling’s and I always wanted a fire  and had wood-chopping as one of our chores- #ripped. It was the little flashes of blue in the flames I was in awe of and bonfire night has always been a fave of mine. We even have running pyromania jokes at work because we can’t do anything without lighting a candle first and all the best demos contain flash paper.

So I’m serving Katniss Everdeen ‘Girl on Fire’ vibes.


In addition to giving my all kind of flame-y realness, this dress was also thrifted. Originally ASOS but found in British red Cross for a cute fiver? Win. To be honest I think I could win the lottery and not lose the thrill of thrifting and bargain hunting! It’s also more ethical, which means I can justify plenty of purchases (which may be counterintuitive!)

A detail I debated on  in this outfit was the shoes- I generally co-ordinate this baby with some red or royal blue footwear but today decided to clash a little. Why? Twofold: this dress is pretty short and so the pop of turquoise draws attention to the legs, and two; I love me a bright outfit. Shrug.

IMG_8796Even better than the bright outfit? The bright outfit and background combo! Y’all I think I’ve found my dreamhouse- in one of my favourite areas, Camden, in a row of colourful homes and most importantly- pink house AND yellow door? My faves! God bless the owners for having the same bold taste as me.


Of course my real technicolour dream house won’t end at the interiors, I’m thinking a turquoise sofa, rainbow backsplash, and enough flowers to sink a dinghy. But for now that may have to stay a dream for a while longer.


London may still be grey but it’s warmed up so much from last weeks snow storm, so I’m gonna go make the most of it, I have a busy week planned and am looking forward to sharing it with you guys!




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