Hey all, long time no blog- unfortunately I’ve been double ill over the least two weeks, aka my sinus infection evolved into another nasty cold and a cough that just won’t quit. With that and the cold weather I haven’t been feeling particularly fabulous or spending too long without a coat on!

However, I’m now feeling far better and this week (on the coldest day of the year) I not only ventured outside but headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens, aka Kew Gardens. They’re hosting their ‘Orchid festival’ and of course I had to dress in something wonderfully feminine to match, and visit the beauty in awe!

To make the day even better my companion and photographer for the day was my big sister!

Cue me frolicking round the festival in 3…2…


Thematically I wanted this look to be feminine, bright but not high-maintenance or effort. The sort of thing I’ll throw on more and more as spring and summer approaches.




This gorgeous drapey skater dress is from very.com – as are the shoes, these shoes I bought for an upcoming Gatsby-esque evening (watch this space) but the dainty block heels are the perfect comfy but not too casual and the gold gives them all the leng-lengthening perks of a nude heel but a tad more glamorous!


Magenta has always been a colour I love to wear as its so fabulously bold and feminine but not toooooo classic pink n pretty, I had a feeling it would work well with the orchids too so a win is a win!
By far my favourite details about the dress though are the sleeves- I feel like an angel!


If you like this outfit let me know, if you wanna hear more deets on the festival and see more of my day- keep scrolling!


In the Princess of Wales conservatory at Kew there’s a permanent orchid section, but for the festival they kicked it up a thousand notches- there was a Thai theme and the amazing team used 8,000 orchids in arches, carts and hanging. Here are some detail shots of some of the festival.

Here’s some of specifically Thai inspired pieces

Photo 04-03-2018, 20 22 12Photo 04-03-2018, 20 21 33Photo 04-03-2018, 20 25 09Photo 04-03-2018, 20 30 20Photo 04-03-2018, 20 24 29

And here are some of the beautiful details and colours, the team picked supporting and complimenting plants and blooms so beautifully- and check out that teeny tiny baby pineapple!

Photo 04-03-2018, 20 20 20Photo 04-03-2018, 20 28 25Photo 04-03-2018, 20 28 30Photo 04-03-2018, 20 26 59Photo 04-03-2018, 20 24 58Photo 04-03-2018, 20 29 37Photo 04-03-2018, 20 29 42Hope you’ve enjoyed this look and these natural beauties. The festival’s only running for a few more days and I would so recommend a trip if you can make it! I honestly got lost in the wonderland and was so shocked when I looked outside and saw the weather- for reference here’s me in the -5 degrees snow!

Photo 04-03-2018, 20 30 39

The indoor/outdoor difference was wild!


Talk to you soon!




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